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Holiday Look Book

Community tends to encapsulate all aspects of Little Paper Planes, and is always in mind when we communicate with artists to curate and collect for our carefully sculpted space of art lovers.  When gathering inspiration for holiday look books it seemed appropriate to focus on our love of community and the exchange that takes place. Holidays do seem to be that perfect vehicle for promoting all things community, from valuing one another to connecting and sharing. Our inspirations include small thoughts, grand gestures, selfless acts of compassion, miracles, togetherness, celebration, and the beauty of small gatherings--being together, eating together, laughing together, and most important showing love for one another. That's what holidays are about right?

We hope that our prints, cards, and ephemera serve as the perfect gifts to bestow on your loved ones. After all, what could be better than art from a loving community?

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Front image: Kelly Lynn Jones

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