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The Little Paper Planes 2012 Calendar

We are excited to announce our newest project/look book for the holidays-- Little Paper Planes' first calendar! This last year we have had the pleasure of working with many talented artists in our LPP exclusive print series. We have collaborated with 12 of these artists to present a 2012 calendar. This collection of prints celebrates our artists and their accomplishments over 2011 while also looking at how their art is in the process of evolving into a new perspective and  new year. This calendar has been carefully curated to present the expressions of each individual print and how it correlates with each month, season, and overall what we hope for 2012. This calendar, in form and practice, holds the characteristics of a book, encapsulating and solidifying our community of artists in one shared space. This special collection of prints duly fosters LPP’s mission of accessibly, celebrating art everyday.

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