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Large Art Prints

The Fall Collection

Welcome to the fall collection of Little Paper Planes's large format prints.  We wanted to offer diverse prints as a curated collection so that each work is its own entity as well as creating a dialogue with one of the other pieces.  We worked with each artist to choose both a color and black and white piece.  This grouping of work contains undertones of cataloging or classifying natural objects, whether it is literally creating an order of a collection or attempting to capture a time that ceases to exist.  Among a hybrid of reality and imagination, these works act as a stage of discovery or preserving a moment as a way to remember.  The markings of an artist dictate actions of living by creating codes with shapes and patterns encapsulating new possibilities within our natural world.

These collections are seasonal with 12 artist per collection and 2 pieces per artist.  Each Print comes in an edition of 50, hand numbered, printed artist signature along with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Curated by Kelly Lynn Jones

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