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We at Little Paper Planes have a passion for the objects around us, whether they are made, bought or given.  Humans create relationships with the things they own, and these things are often markers of a particular time in ones’ life.  They represent moments, people and/or places.  There is an inherent aura within an object and once in our procession we create the meaning for it.  Our homes become filled of things,which  in some regards can seem indulgent or frivolous, however these things hold the emotional weight of our daily lives.  Whether they are utilitarian or art they  become the physical framework for a unique, personal narrative.



Creative people have a special relationship with things since we are the makers of them. Within this ongoing series, we ask the artists, designers and makers we work with to share stories about the objects they are surrounded by in order to examine their power and the memories associated with them.    read more

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Objects & Rachel Howe