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Inspiration Station

February 6-March 15, 2013


ArtistsSophie BehalZoe Tilly PosterRadio SebastianJenny BrownClare OlivaresSonya GallardoEmily TareilaAndrew Riggins, Zoe AniClub Muscles,Carrie PerreaultDan SwindelUNOPUEDEKate BieschkeBobby Coleman,Bruna MassadasCarey LinErika Lynne HansonJohanna TagadaNicolas LamasLou PatrouJessica SandersJustin GainanMeredith AitkenEric R. MartinSasha KriegerVal Britton


Organized by Hillary Wiedemann


If you were asked to describe your work by only showing things that inspire you (such as objects, photographs, or books), in the place where you make the work, and describe the work verbally in a brief statement, could you?   read more

Little Paper Planes Inspiration Station Publication

 by <a href=''>Sophie Behal</a>

Sophie Behal

 by <a href=''>Zoe Tilley Poster</a>

Zoe Tilley Poster

 by <a href=''>Radio Sebastian</a>

Radio Sebastian

 by <a href=''>Jenny Brown</a>

Jenny Brown

 by <a href=''>Clare Olivares</a>

Clare Olivares

 by <a href=''>Sonya Gallardo</a>

Sonya Gallardo

 by <a href=''>Emily Tareila</a>

Emily Tareila

 by <a href=''>Andrew Riggins</a>

Andrew Riggins

 by <a href=''>Zoe Ani</a>

Zoe Ani

 by <a href=''>Club Muscles</a>

Club Muscles

 by <a href=''>Carrie Perreault</a>

Carrie Perreault

 by <a href=''>Dan Swindel</a>

Dan Swindel

 by <a href=''>UNOPUEDE</a>


 by <a href=''>Kate Bieschke</a>

Kate Bieschke

 by <a href=''>Bobby Coleman</a>

Bobby Coleman

 by <a href=''>Bruna Massadas</a>

Bruna Massadas

 by <a href=''>Carey Lin</a>

Carey Lin

 by <a href=''>Erika Lynne Hanson </a>

Erika Lynne Hanson

 by <a href=''>Johanna Tagada</a>

Johanna Tagada

 by <a href=''>Nicolas Lamas</a>

Nicolas Lamas

 by <a href=''>Lou Patrou</a>

Lou Patrou

 by <a href=''>Jessica Sanders</a>

Jessica Sanders

 by <a href=''>Justin Gainan</a>

Justin Gainan

 by <a href=''>Meredith Aitken</a>

Meredith Aitken

 by <a href=''>Eric R. Martin </a>

Eric R. Martin

 by <a href=''>Sasha Krieger</a>

Sasha Krieger

 by <a href=''>Val Britton</a>

Val Britton