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Sights + Sounds

Sights + Sounds is curated by Kelly Lynn Jones and Cortney Cassidy


The Artists:  David Barclay, Alex Heilbron, Peter Hurley, Cortney Cassidy, Modern Witch, Danny Espinoza, Victoria Keddie, THE SUN, SCUBA, William Edmonds, Louis Reith, Jesse Kauppila, Collin McKelvey, Rachelle Rahme, Holly Herndon, Ola Ståhl  


October 10th - November 23, 2010


"To Sober and Quiet the Mind" is a collection of John Cage's visual works he created with Crown Point Press in San Francisco over the course of his life. His philosophy on art was connected to and dependent on the everyday. Cage's interest lay in the nuances, interruptions, disruptions and subtleties of everyday life and sound naturally highlighted this temporality. Cage's work with sound, image and the everyday was preceded by artists in the Futurist and Dada movements, and his contemporaries in the Fluxus movement, who all employed a variety of media and performance styles. Their influences can be felt in contemporary music, theater, dance and art, and beyond.   read more

Sights + Sounds Digital Feed

Jesse Kauppila performing for Sights + Sounds, NOMA Gallery, SF

Collin McKelvey performing for Sights + Sounds, NOMA Gallery, SF

Tears performing for Sights + Sounds, NOMA Gallery, SF

Holly Herndon performing for Sights + Sounds, NOMA Gallery, SF

Little Paper Planes LPP Exhibit Series Volume I: SIGHTS + SOUNDS