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Abstraction in Canada

Artists: Alison Shields, Bailey Govier, Bradley Harms, Claire Desjardins, Gary Evans, Jeanie Riddle, Jennifer Lefort, John Brown, Robert Linsley and Will Gill.

March 5, 2012- April 20, 2012

My view of Canadian abstraction has always involved a distanced fascination. As a new genre artist, I’m baffled at the resilience of this particular mode of painting in my native land. Why are so many Canadian artists continuing to paint abstractly? This is the single question I ask each of the artists to answer as participants in this online project.   read more

Little Paper Planes Abstraction in Canada Publication

 by <a href=''>Alison Shields</a>

Alison Shields

 by <a href=''>Bailey Govier</a>

Bailey Govier

 by <a href=''>Bradley Harms </a>

Bradley Harms

 by <a href=''>Claire Desjardins</a>

Claire Desjardins

 by <a href=''>Gary Evans</a>

Gary Evans

 by <a href=''>Jeanie Riddle</a>

Jeanie Riddle

 by <a href=''>Jennifer Lefort</a>

Jennifer Lefort

 by <a href=''>John Brown</a>

John Brown

 by <a href=''>Robert Linsley</a>

Robert Linsley

 by <a href=''>Will Gill</a>

Will Gill