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Est. 2004

Alexander Cheves

My work explores relationships between shape and color in paintings and sculptures that are directly informed by landscape experience: space, sky, horizon, vista, architecture and perspective. Using paint, wood, paper, plaster, concrete, steel and other building materials, I mine the contrast between bold colors, scale, and composition to encourage the observer towards an awareness of place and personal narrative, as well as imply aesthetic relationships between man-made, industrial structures and the California landscape that absorbs them. I explore this threshold where time and landscape co-mingle, taking a consistent cast of characters of iconic man-made and natural shapes—swimming pools, farm houses, apartment buildings, corner stores, sky-scrapers, highways, the occasional empty field and open sky—a step closer to fantastic abstraction. Quasi-recognizable sculptural figures cast impossible shadows; enthusiastic color fields flirt with the edges of their canvases and pedestals; previous dialogues between forms are masked but still visible beneath layers of paint; all to an end that suggests a grand conversation within and between individual works, betraying their otherwise minimal façade.