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Dog and Pony show Cards

Remember in junior high school when you'd sign the yearbook "Keep In Touch"? Well, we at dog & pony show designs are helping people reach that goal. Oh yeah, we're also helping people "stay cool."

That’s the company tagline, and to be honest, it’s all true.  Melissa Altman runs her own dog & pony show out of the kitchen of her echo park, los angeles home.  She hand-paints, prints, packages, and solicits various artists to create drawings for her stationery company, dog & pony show designs.  Currently, the dog & pony artist enclave consists of 7 internationally known artists and musicians who make original pieces of art to be used for the quirky and unique products, some hand-made and some digitally printed,  that the company currently offers.   Not only will you find the ever-necessary “happy birthday” and “thank you” cards, you will also find the occasion to share your less-expressed thoughts, like the poignant “i know, I know” with  a burning cigarette and ashtray for your friends that are trying to quit smoking (or get through any hard situation), or the all-too-true, “i told you so”.

dog & pony show designs has been featured on Daily Candy, Bird Talk magazine, and various blogs both domestically and internationally.  More information on Melissa, the artists, the cards, the stores,  and the press can be found at