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Carson Fisk-Vittori

b. Austin, Texas, 1987
Lives in Chicago, Illinois

BFA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2009
Ox-Bow School of Art, 2006-2009

2011 Carson Fisk-Vittori: Natural History, Important Projects, Oakland CA

Cocktails, Bodega, Philadelphia PA, October 2011
Blowing on a Hairy Shoulder/Grief Hunters, ICA Philadelphia, Philadelphia PA, September 2011
A Philip von Zweck project via Invisible-Exports, NADA Hudson, Hudson NY
Chain Letter, Golden Parachutes, Berlin, DE; organized by David Horvitz
Oggetto Soggetto, Barriobajero @ Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid, ES
 Rod Stewart Little Richard Prince Charles Manson Family, LVL3, Chicago IL
Lifestyle Appropriate, New Capital at Balloon Converso, Chicago IL
SPACEMASTER, Roots & Culture at MDW Fair, Chicago IL
In Front, Contemporary Gallery TLV, Tel Aviv, IL
Soft Smoke Rises in Gay Rings above the Roof, Bodega, Philadephia PA
Mugs, LVL3 at Merchandise Mart, Chicago IL
Technically It’s Art 2, Abryant Gallery, Chicago IL
Days of Plenty, Hyde Street Gallery, San Francisco CA
EXHIBITION 7.06052010, MVSVEM, Chicago IL
Six Rooms, Harold Arts at Longman and Eagle, Chicago IL
Remember 2010?, The Gallery Space, Chicago IL
Casual Object Garden and Other Material Matters, Roots & Culture, Chicago IL
31 Women in Art Photography, Humble Arts Foundation at Affirmation Arts, New York NY
Danger Zoners, Presidents Gallery, Harold Washington College, Chicago IL
Speculative Ways of Living, Eel Space, Chicago IL
May 23rd @ Scott Projects (Real Normal Spring Collection 2009), Scott Projects, Chicago IL
Artists Run Chicago, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago IL
Magic Carpet, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago IL
Potato, Roots & Culture Project Space, Chicago IL
Department Store, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago IL
Fun Gun, SATIN SATAN, Chicago I
Waste Stream Diversions, Mess Hall, Chicago IL
Decadence, Elegant Mr. Gallery, Chicago IL

2011       ACRE Residency, Steuben Wisconsin
2010       Lake Opeka Residency, Des Plaines Illinois
2009 School of the Art Institute of Chicago Project Grant Award
School of the Art Institute of Chicago BFA Fellowship Award
2006 School of the Art Institute of Chicago First Year Merit Scholarship
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