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Jess Wheaton interviews Cortney Cassidy.

1. Hey Cortney! It’s time to pretend I don’t know you all that well, and ask some personal questions. To begin, where are you from, where are you now, and how did that come to be? What’s your favorite thing about this city we’ve both chosen to live in?

I spent most of my years in San Diego, California and then moved to San Francisco for reasons I have long forgotten but primarily to finish school. Since I’ve moved here I’ve had the best Chinese food and I ride my scooter around the city (something you can’t really do in Southern California).

2. How did you come to art, what different chapters of ’making’ have you progressed through? At what point did you decide to become a graphic designer by trade? How do your creative tendencies and your design projects get along?

I started as a Crayola kid and had an infatuation with coloring in things yellow. I didn’t do to well in my math and science classes in high school because my notes were mostly covered in doodles. I think the very first sparks of design/typography interest I had could be dated my sophomore year in high school when my friend and I would write cryptic notes to each other using the Greek Alphabet. It was just something about those letterforms and shapes.

3. You are one of the more organized and discerning early 20s person I know, meaning you both begin and finish things constantly, and have excellent taste in design and music and websites and maybe other areas that are unbeknownst-to-me. To what kind of work ethic or intense interest or innate qualities do you owe your success? How do your interests in life relate to the work you produce?

Lists, Coffee, and 20-minute naps. Without those 3 things and my constant scouring of the internets, I wouldn’t be able to produce squat. I’m also a fledgling workaholic, and I think that is something I should probably address before it gets too out of hand. 

4. Who are your top few most inspirational people, living or dead, and why?

Steve Martin, because he can sing well, Nikola Tesla because he was tragically smart, and Anna Karina because of her many characters, especially in "Une Femme Est Une Femme" when she argues in book titles.

5. This is an open-ended question about triangles.

Pizza Slices. (also amazing.)

6. Please tell us your future as you would like it to unfold, or, if that’s too vast a question, an exciting thing you’ve thought of doing or big adventure you’d like to take. It’s also shout-out time if you’re into it.

I can’t wait to adopt a dog, have an entire wall full of books on really awesome bookshelves, and I would really like to start traveling the globe.
I’m also looking forward to the many Little Paper Planes projects we’re about to embark upon like publishing, licensing, and even more curation. 

Thanks for educating us about yourself Cortney, and thanks for being a part of Little Paper Press. See you soon!

Cortney Cassidy

Cortney Cassidy is a girl on the internet