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Lisa Solomon/Underdog Ink

What's the underdog ink scoop?
crafty gal + vintage love + frenchie + t-shirt desire = underdog ink!
Underdog Ink started it's life as Abby-Normal..... which was born out of two friend's desires to have stylish T-shirts to wear on a daily basis. Now solely run and operated by Bay Area artist and crafter Lisa Solomon, Underdog Ink is the store in which she sells her handmade goods.... from buttons and badges to hand silkscreened T's and totes. She gets whims to makes stuff of all kinds and can't possibly keep it all for herself!
Lisa finds inspiration in ephemera, old tools, and "stuff" in general {really! stuff!: ribbons, pinking shears, vintage fabric, art supplies, old books, typewriters, fake flowers, etc.} And of course she finds inspiration from her frenchie TONKA!