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Christina Corfield

British born. Currently based in Oakland, California.
Earned a BFA in painting from the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, and an MFA in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute. Currently a PhD candidate in the department of Film and Digital Media at the University of California Santa Cruz, and Managing Editor of the online academic journal Feminist Media Histories.
My work traces histories of new media through older technologies, and looks at popular cultural methods of representing history.
I am a practicing video artist and have exhibited throughout Europe and the US.

My interdisciplinary and research-based work explores the social and cultural representation of science and new technology, focusing specifically on obsolete or failed technologies and machines to interrogate the newness of current technological media. Questioning myths of progress and betterment often embedded in discourse that surrounds new technology, I expand what “newness” means by historicizing new media objects and functions, and pushing back against cultural narratives that privilege new technology as narrowly determined by computers and machines, and frame it as inevitable and necessarily positive.

By adopting an anachronistic methodology and craft aesthetics, I want to expand the visual languages used to “talk” about new media. Relying on hand-made, lo-fi craft aesthetics, I produce complete worlds constructed of cardboard, paint and glue with which I make videos that reenact older media and situate them within speculative, dramatized scenes. Emphasizing my authorship and agency in the face of the digital technology, my videos privilege texture and materiality as well as hand-craft to create a visual language that is readable and locatable in the physical world, despite its virtualization through the medium of digital video.