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LPP After School Arts Program

Our classes are structured in 5 week sessions.  Each week we start by presenting 1 to 2 Contemporary artists and designers.  We discuss the artist’s work and the medium they used. 

Every week we will create a new work of art inspired by the chosen artist’s work. In the beginning of the session each student will receive a sketchbook. This will be used throughout the 5 weeks to take notes and make drawings/sketches.  We hope the practice of using these sketchbooks, will help with the larger vision of creating art. This program is equal parts project-based and free-play.  As artists, we know it is important to experiment with a medium and brainstorm ideas. Therefore, it is crucial we let our young artists do this, in addition to completing a designated project.  Every week, our young artists will create a new work of art. 

The fifth week will be our culmination of the session around an exhibition of all the work created.  This part will focus on teaching them about presentation, display, and talking about their work.  The artists will invite their family and friends to see the final display of the work.  Each artist will talk about the work they made and the artists they were inspired by during this session.  In addition we will invite one local artist to come to the exhibition.


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