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Tara Townsend

A hippie-at-heart and a techie-by-day, Tara Townsend thrives on her work as a wellness advocate and educator, and a green-living lifestyle coach. As a mother of two young children, Tara became increasingly concerned with the prevalence of potent, but often little-researched chemicals in nearly everything in the house - from dishsoap to toothpaste. In an effort to remove many of these potential risks from her home, she began experimenting with some of nature’s oldest and most powerful home-remedies: essential oils. It wasn’t long until she was converted: oils helped her daughter take easier and longer naps, relaxed her grandmother’s constant leg cramping, and restored her busy family to vitality and health.


Tara is currently working on an essential oil cookbook, where she will share her favorite recipes incorporating the incredible flavor and health benefits of essential oils. She is thrilled to share the amazing power of essential oils with other families in the Bay Area, in an effort to spread the joy of healthy, happy living.