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Sofie Ramos

Sofie Ramos was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1990 and now lives and works in Oakland and San Francisco, CA. She graduated with an MFA in Art Practice from UC Berkeley in May 2015 and received her BA in Visual Art from Brown University in 2013. Sofie focuses on creating colorful and chaotic sculptural installations that conflate the art and its space and obscure the distinction between the three-dimensional arrangement of objects in a space and the two-dimensional composition of a painting. Her objects and spaces are continually evolving and recombining, concentrating the weight of meaning in the sum of the processes of making and remaking rather than a finished state or resolved composition. A core concern of the work and process resides in the shifting relationships determined by the juxtaposition of elements rather than in the identity of each or the overall object/space they compose. The collage/drawing practice is a preliminary and supplementary exercise that informs and inspires the larger installations. The immediacy of working on a small scale with paper simplifies and accelerates the improvisational and inconclusive process of accumulating, arranging, reusing and reworking layers of visual material.