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Mel Nguyen

I’m Mel Nguyen, born in Minnesota, USA from Vietnamese immigrant parents, who were among the wave of “boat people” shortly after the Vietnam War. Through lifelong disorientation between cultures and a suburban upbringing, I am increas-ingly searching for ways to identify solidarity in a community of people of color who have similar second generation experiences, but also to form a sense of solidarity in myself as a mental state; to cultivate a sense of belonging and to understand my process of identity formation under Western consumer capitalism.

I went to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Minneapolis, MN for graphic design and sculpture, and took a semester abroad at the Bauhaus-Universität in Weimar, DE.  Previous projects include a live performance for Dream Girls, organized by CCOOLL at The Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY, and a video for the Waabizipinikaan-Zibi Filmmaking Residency in rural Wisconsin. Currently I reside in Brooklyn, NY working as a graphic designer and maintaining a personal sculpture practice.