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Hannah Perrine Mode

Hannah Perrine Mode explores the cross-section of physical, emotional, and spiritual place, and investigates accumulated layers of memory associated with landscape. Using visual storytelling across mediums, and incorporating themes of map-making, storytelling, and temporal transformation, Hannah studies the relationship between people and place in order to better understand the way communities are cultivated.

Hannah Perrine Mode is an Oakland-based artist and designer. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Studio Art at Mills College. Hannah has lived, worked, and studied in Prague, Italy, Peru, NYC, Iceland, Oakland, and Hawaii, and has participated in artist residencies at Gullkistan in Iceland and the Brooklyn CSA+D. Her work has been shown at venues throughout Brooklyn and the Bay Area. Hannah has done a “drawing-a-day” since May 2013, works on an ongoing collaborative sketch swap project, co-hosts a monthly storytelling event, and paints murals in elementary school gardens with Education Outside.