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A’Driane Nieves

A’Driane “addyeB” Nieves is an artist and activist living in the Bay Area. A self-taught painter, her work is rooted in abstract expressionism and inspired by her personal experiences as a Black woman in the United States. While often autobiographical, she utilizes her personal experiences with racism, sexism, and mental illness to serve as commentary on collective experiences. She believes in creating visual art that confronts the viewer, invokes self-reflection, facilitates internal conversations around the things we’d much rather avoid, and that serves as a catalyst for personal and social change. Her artistic and activist work has been featured on Upworthy, Everyday Feminism, Wild Goose Festival, MISC Magazine’s “Women of the Future” issue, and in Glamour Magazine’s “2016 Woman of the Year” issue with Bono for her volunteer work with the One Campaign.