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Hikaru Furuhashi

Hikaru Furuhashi is a jeweler and designer based in San Francisco, California. 

Hikaru started making jewelry while she was living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and working as an art director, graphic designer, and illustrator. She was lucky to be able to learn from many talented jewelers and explore the amazing resources in the historic diamond district in New York City. In the end of 2013 she began to grow her "side project" into a full line and quickly realized that making jewelry was her dream job.

Hikaru takes her inspiration from many places. Growing up in a farming family in the mountains Japan, she learned to love the natural beauty of plants and landscapes. She enjoys playing with bold lines to create texture and patterns influenced by her love of textile and folk arts.

All of Hikaru's jewelries are handcrafted with love. She strongly believes in ethical and low-impact studio practices, such as recycling metals and sourcing conflict-free gemstones.

Hikaru loves traveling to remote places to learn about ancient and regional folk art and natural beauty. When she is not sitting at her jewelry bench or traveling, she is practicingSon Jarocho, an Afro-Mexican folk music from Southern Vera Cruz with her Jarana, an eight-stringed instrument.